About Us


Sathya TV

Sathya channel was launched in the year 2000, at Tuticorin with a unique business model. We made a new view to local channel in Pearl City by its several interactive live programs covering common interest of the viewers in a descent and genuine quality. We are poised to lead and succeed in an increasingly more engaged, more connected media environment.

We created significant marquee properties through an impressive lineup of programs – Devotional Songs, Super Hit Songs, Endrum Iniyavai, Bollywood Songs, Comedy Time, Domestic entertainment, Films and Reality programming. We target audiences with content that is compelling, specific and relevant. We rank as the highest-rated and most viewed in the media network. We provide a broad demographic appeal for the advertisers brand message.

Our Infrastructure

Sathya TV
SATHYA Wishes you happiness forever !

A robust technology division provides the infrastructure to support and create unique solutions through the design, development and delivery of key media technologies.

Known for its innovative concepts and exciting formats, SATHYA Channel reaches every home.